about us

The Lord has given Full Proof Gospel Ministries the opportunity to partner with Nepali believers in a long-term project that aims to preserve the pure Word of God for the Nepali-speaking people through TRANSLATION, FREE DISTRIBUTION, and PUBLIC PROCLAMATION. We are calling this effort PROJECT JAGERNA. Jagerna is the Nepali word for “preservation.”

There are 60 million Nepalis in the world, and only about half of these live in Nepal. Many can be found in places like Bhutan, Sikkim, Burma, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Middle East, England, Canada, and even the United States. And, in these last days, it is inexcusable that the Nepali people do not have a reliable, accurate, and standard translation of the Holy Scriptures in their native tongue. Of the currently available translations, one is well-known but poorly done: built on a faulty, unreliable, and tainted textual basis. The other is lesser-known and does constitute a noble effort with a solid textual basis. However, even in this, there are numerous linguistic difficulties that need to be remedied. Both of these translations are published outside of Nepal, relatively expensive for the common Nepali, largely unavailable to Nepalis living abroad, and extremely difficult to obtain in large quantity for the distribution purposes of evangelism ministries. Thus, there is an ignorance of the Bible in Nepali culture, even amongst professed Christians, that is absolutely appalling. Unlike biblical ignorance in America, however, this ignorance is not primarily willful. People just don’t have access to the pure Word of God, nor have they heard it preached, especially in remote areas. Project Jagerna, with the help of the Lord, is committed to battling this problem, a problem that will inevitably reap eternal consequences.

Project Jagerna is a not-for-profit arm operating under the auspices of Full Proof Gospel Ministries, a non-profit association based in the United States. This project is staffed by volunteers who give of themselves and of their resources so that Nepali-speaking people might have access to the purely preserved Word of God in their own language. Project Jagerna is not an NGO, a business, or a means to profit by the printing and distribution of literature. All labor within and for Project Jagerna is strictly voluntary; all printings and expenses related to printing and/or preaching are financed through the charitable giving of Christians around the world; and all printed Scripture portions and Gospel tracts are FREE as the Lord provides. In other words, Project Jagerna materials are designed to be FREE GIFTS for Nepali-speaking people and can be reproduced without permission ONLY if they are used for the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and given away FREE. No person or organization has any right to sell Project Jagerna Scripture portions or Gospel tracts and/or to fiscally profit thereby.

The biblical convictions underlying Project Jagerna are in one accord with Full Proof Gospel Ministries and its corresponding STATEMENT OF FAITH.